• Unzip the downloaded file and run the setup.exe. It will download some Microsoft .net files, which may take some time.

  • Uninstall the previously installation from windows control panel add/remove software, and then run the setup.exe from downloaded version.

Key Concepts

  • HandyCite runs embedded in word. There is no separate window. It will run as taskpanes within word. When installed, it will add buttons in the Add-Ins section in the word ribbon.

  • HandyCite stores the references list database as text files. These database files are stored with same name (except *.txt extension) and in the same folder as the document file. Since it uses the current document name and folder, it does not ask for a database name when saving or loading a reference database file. For example if document is c:\documents\MyManuscript.docx, the database file will be c:\docuemnts\MyManuscript.txt.
    The name of the reference list database gets stored as document property. So, future versions of the document maintain link to the original database file. If required, the database file can be renamed by saving as a different file name.

  • References embedded in the document have complete information to regenerate the database. However, this database will only have the references embedded in the document. Database saved as text file may have references not embedded in the document.

  • Word taskpanes are only the interface to HandyCite.


  • It has three main components, which are accessible only through the Add-Ins tab. These are Pubmed, CiteManager, and RefManager

  • Citation Manager provides main interface for most of the tasks
    Pubmed provides link to pubmed and help in finding references from pubmed
    Reference Editor allows editing of a single reference in the database

Citation Manager taskpane

Pubmed taskpane

  • Pubmed taskpane is used to find references from pubmed and import the references to your database

Reference Editor taskpane

  • It is used to edit a reference (new or already existing reference).

  • This tab allows visualization of PDF files and Pubmed pages.

Specific tasks