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Citation Manager - 3 - Tools tab - d - Fix Abbreviations

This tool can be used to fix problems with the abbrviations so that they are defined with first occurance.

To fix a reference

Select the text where abbreviation is defined and click 'Fix Abbrev' button.

Abbreviation definition will be moved to the first occurance, and remaining occurances will be replaced by the abbreviation.

Highlight abbreviations

To highlight all occurances of an abbreviation (or any text), select the abbreviation in the document (1) and then click 'highlight' (2) button. Use (3) 'No Highlight' to remove highlighting.

Field to code or code to field

If a document need to be edited in non-MS word software, then field MS word fields will be lost and cannot be retrieved. The field codes can be converted to plain text in a way that the references can be linked back to the database.

However, this may fail at times and would require manual handling.