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Citation Manager - 1. Database tab - a.Buttons

This is the main working tab for the software. This section will go over the functions of the top buttons


1. PMID (pubmed ID), 2. Update, 3. Add reference, 4. Open reerence file, 5. Save reference file, 6. Run fixes, 7. Sort reference, 8 Headings on/off, 9, Icons on/off, 10 Refesh, 11 Filter, 12 remove filter

PMID button

PMID Imports a reference from pubmed ID. It captures the Pubmed ID from clipboard. Clipboard can either include Pubmed ID, or web address of Pubmed reference e.g. or link to page with pubmed link (Copy link location from ‘All 5 versions’ and click PMID button to import reference from Google Scholar)

Update button

Update This button updates

    1. the document -(renumber and regenerate number list

    2. and the database list - import references from document not in list and add numbering to the references in the list

pressing this button with Ctrl key enables/disables automatic updating of references when a reference is inserted in document

Add reference button

Adds new empty reference and opens RefManager to edit the newly added reference

Open reference file button

Opens the reference database file associated with current document. If there are some references already in the list, the database file references are added to the list. If no file is associated with the document, then opens the open file dialog to locate a file to link to the database

Save reference file

Saves the current reference list as the database file associated with current document. If the currently linked file name is different from the document file name, then in addition to updating the linked file, it creates a new file with the same name as document

Run fixes

Although there are multiple error checks built in the database processing, but in case of rare errors in database you can attempt fixing the database with this button
Runs multiple small fixes. Currenlty this includes

    1. Remove duplicate references in document e.g. 6,6
    2. Remove duplciate references in database list (can also use database merge, if references have different information)
    3. Remove ‘[comments]’ from title. (occasionally imported from pubmed)

These fixes are usually only required when references are imported from some other database format.

Sort references

There are four sort methods

    1. Sort by index number
    2. Sort by first author name
    3. Sort by year descending
    4. Sort by year ascending

Headings on/off

Headings on/off

Refresh button

Refresh button refreshes the database list (i.e. icons, headings and sort method) e..g after importing new references


sets filter for list. It searches all fields including notes. Each word is searched separately.

Remove filter

removes any filter and unhides any hidden references