10/30/09 v0.9   launched
11/09/09 v0.9.1.1   Fixed year upsort icon was changing the year down sort icon
11/20/09 v0.9.1.16   Added grab mouse scroll to Reference Details tab, Fixes button also fix capitalized author names, list box icons click and positioning improved, back and forward on browser improved, other minor corrections (download includes documentation pdf)
11/30/09 v0.9.2   Filter database to references selected in document (document context menu), simplified view of Pubmed webpage option, other minor changes
12/03/09 v0.9.3.4  Additions: Redesigned pubmed taskpane with single citation matcher (suggested by NT), prompts for database file if no file linked with document, shows linked database file (Citation manager taskpane options tab), expiration date removed, Changes: Newly added references are highlighted but not selected(suggested by AG) Fixed: Some references in documented were not getting matched with database, downloaded abstracts getting linked to full text icons, some of the abstracts were not being downloaded, some references from endnote conversion causing error.
12/17/09  v0.9.3.18   Additions: Separate context menus for Web and File icons, ability to delink a full text file from a reference. An option to turn on filter-list-on-document-seletion (options section) Changes: Reference selected from document are not highlighted by default. Changes: Single citation matchcer is now default option in pubmed taskpane. Fixed:Pubmed taskpane was not closing with ThisWindow button, selection was disappearing when moving up and down in filtered list. Linking with pdf file was case sensitive and was missing PDF extension.
01/18/10  v0.9.4.25   Additions: Clicks on submenus with sub-options now performs common actions, heading collapse/uncollapse icon, heading context menu; help file is now embedded can can be accessed through options toolbar (although still not updated); settings file is also embedded and can be accessed with 'LoadSettings' button in options toolbar; space bar can be used to select a reference. Visual: Highlights the message at the bottom for 3 seconds once a new message appears; Changes: Heading name change moved to heading context menu; 'Close' in PDF viewer closes the file; all nodes expanded in 'import list form' by default; rearranging with drag drop assigns correct heading even if heading collapsed; multiple references and be drag-dropped; save references saves the references both to the currently linked file and to the new file current document file name (if different from currently linked file); if a reference is added in no update mode (Ctrl-Update button), the it inserts the reference in AU-YR format. Fixed: If full author name is not available then author names were not retreived; highlight on selection moved to parallel processing to make it more usable; reference imported from Import Reference List or other reference format conversions are also highlighted; right click on icons also selects reference; inserting multiple references at one place now adds new references at end (basically moves cursor after the field once reference is inserted);
02/7/10  v0.9.5.35   Additions: Separate free text entry for reference (e.g website, conference details, books) instead of using volume/conference details (suggested by AG); option to add PMID to the reference format; downloads Group information in addition to author list if trialists group is listed in pubmed; many other small additions. Changes: Significantly improved pubmed taskpane!; multiple visual improvments; and updated help file. Fixed: Some minor fixes
04/21/10  v0.9.6.4   Additions: Updated the free full text download algorithm (previous algorithm has stopped working) Changes: None Fixed: Disables context menu addition if unable to add template (as compared to Word error), clear list selection with new pubmed search
05/06/10  v0.9.6.6   Additions: Version update check button; preset [ParenthsisNumbered] format in settings file (use open settings button to update settings file) Changes: None Fixed: Update reference from Pubmed
05/06/10  v0.9.6.33   Additions: Ctrl-Save button to replace (rather than update) previous database file; detects URL from any field and displays web icon; copy path will create reference folder if it does not exist; AU-YR and AU2-YR formats allow custom seperators (suggested by Pedro Rio) e.g [<AU2-YR>(,\ and )] will seperate all entries with ',' and last entry with ' and ' ; or [<AU2-YR>(; )] will separate all entries with ';' and a space. Changes: visuals, save button gets orange or red if database has changes, Fixed: remove empty entries from author; group copied from previous record on record update; delink pdf file
08/31/10  v0.9.7.24  (works with Word 2010, does not work for Word 2007) Additions:smoother scrolling for reference list . Changes:minor Fixed:Visuals for word 2010 64-bit; Pubmed download for author names with update command or import references dialog. Please report any bugs in the COMMENTS section. ( - fixed author names download; - improved collapsed database heading font and item height; highlight reference in document; - Highligh on selection causing little problem with list, scripting error in browser, heading font, added anonymous email support directly from the software - see tools taskpane first button); - Custom pubmed search (according to your institute) modification made simpler, changed arrangement of icons in Tools tab; improved refman visuals, fixed visuals in Options tab.
11/05/10  v0.9.7.27-2007 (for word 2007) Additions: Abbreviations summary, Changes: If citation format is changed, turns the save button to red (indicating Ctrl-click to update the citation format in file); Removed PDF Help file as it was delaying the startup.
11/06/10  v0.9.7.28 (for both word 2010 and 2007)  Additions: Abbreviations summary, Changes: If citation format is changed, turns the save button to red (indicating Ctrl-click to update the citation format in file); Removed PDF Help file as it was delaying the startup. Fixed: Fixed AU1-YR format; Update from Pubmed does not change heading; pressing 'Enter' adds line in 'SettingsForm'; et. al. > et al.
11/06/10  v0.9.7.33 (for both word 2010 and 2007)  Additions: better free full text pdf search, Changes: none. Fixed: sort icons, and some minor fixes.
11/06/10 v0.9.7.39 (for both word 2010 and 2007) Additions: TUTORIALS, custom notes with key, save button in database also saves word document, option to find PMCID (for NIH grants), a simple calculator in tools section, better free full text pdf search, reference numbering based on subsequent references. e.g. first ref is 1-3, and subsequent is 2, then subsequent ref number will be changed to 1. Changes: rearranged tools section. Fixed: copying reference from pubmed taskpane to database error for some references.
02/25/11 v0.9.7.57 (for both word 2010 and 2007) Additions: import custom lists from pubmed (save as 'MEDLINE' format in pubmed and in handycite > on database, right-click, import list> pubmed file), zoom in pubmed taskpane results, additional free full text journals, pdf file names with title initials (for unambiguous archival), automatically higlight references in pubmed search that are already in database Changes: if no author then uses group initials for identifier: . Fixed: minor.
08/03/11 v0.9.8.19 Additions: Custom notes can be seen in the list; option to change fonts for the list; ability to sort the references in AU-YR in-text references. A new default setting 'AU-YR Intext Y-sort' is added to the settings file that uses this function. e.g. A 2009, B 2011 and C 2002 will be sorted to C 2002, A 2009 and B 2011 Changes: new icons and some visuals. Fixed: database filtering using text field. (including problem with not showing the search list in Pubmed taskpane)
10/17/11 v0.9.8.55 Additions: Custom notes in references can now be edited or added within the list; Pubmed taskpane now supports rich text format for displaying abstract (see documentation); Google scholar search in pubmed taskpane; Search 'cited by' using google scholar in database (right-click > look in google scholar). Fixed: Increased the size of custom notes for the document (previously it was trimming the notes at 256 characters)
10/25/12 v0.9.8.77 NOTE: This and future versions may not work in windows XP; will require admminstrator privileges for installation (publisher unknown warning) Additions: Ability to convert fields to plain text and plain text to fields; link pdf files to references manually; reports the number of references found in Pubmed taskpane; Changes: improved visuals Fixed:some bug fixes
08/21/13 v0.9.8.85 (for word 2010 and 2013, this and future versions not tested on word 2007, will need download of .NET Framework 4.5.1)  May require admminstrator privileges for installation (publisher unknown warning) Additions: none; Changes: faster performance with database list management, Fixed:compatibilty with office 2013, and other minor fixes
05/26/14 v0.9.9.21 Improved experience with graphics rendering and some fixes

1/1/17 v1.0.0.0

handyCite has been markedly improved in functionality and is now PowerCite !! Even the free (unlimited trial) version of PowerCite is much more powerful than handyCite. There are some format changes (the way the references are coded and saved) between handyCite and PowerCite. If you are migrating from handyCite to PowerCite, you can use 'Run Fixes' to help convert references to new format. If you enjoyed handyCite, you will LOVE PowerCite. Happy Citing!!
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